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Here are some ideas for your future site that we can offer you:

1. Develop an online library of resources for students, including tutorials, research articles, and other reference materials.

2. Create a virtual job board for students to find part-time and on-campus employment opportunities.

3. Develop an interactive platform where students can connect with each other and share advice and resources.

4. Create a student mentor program to help students find guidance and advice from more experienced peers.

5. Develop a directory of campus clubs and organizations to help students find out more about what UQSF has to offer.

6. Design an online platform for students to submit questions and receive answers from UQSF staff.

7. Develop an online forum for students to share ideas and discuss topics related to university life.

8. Create an online student marketplace where students can buy and sell textbooks, clothing, and other items.

9. Develop an online platform for students to post and find events happening on campus.

10. Create a virtual student union to help students stay informed and connected with UQSF.

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